Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Buck Fever Hunting Themed Birthday Party

Hunting Themed Birthday Party

I had so much fun planning my son's 11th birthday party! He's really been getting into hunting with his dad, and like most hunters he's obsessed with everything the lifestyle includes!  So it was only natural we celebrate in true hunter fashion!

Our jumping off point for the decorations was our abundance of deer antlers. My husband and I own an online hunting store and guide service and we spend a lot of time in the hills finding and collecting these beautiful treasures. We hung the antlers from the rafters of the pavilion we rented for the party and put them all around on the table and in front of it.

 I'm a big DIY fan and made almost all of his decorations and cake myself. For his cake, I put foil in a cake pan before I baked it and kind of crinkled it around so that when I poured the batter in, it caused the look of "cliffs" when it was finished baking. I got the fake trees and candy rocks at a local baking shop, and sifted through all of his hunting figurines for the rest of my decorations. If you don't already have those D&B, and Tractor Supply have toy sets that include all of these.

Hunting Themed Birthday Cake
Big Game Bait Candy Table Decoration

Scent Killer Hunting Themed Birthday Party Beverage Service

Hunting Themed Party Decor
 My Silhouette really deserves a ton of credit on these party decorations! I cut out the deer images for the cups and plates, the "scent killer" for the drink container and the letters for his camo banner.
Hunting Themed Party Favors cheese "paint balls"

Hunting Themed Party Treats Oreo "clay pigeons"
Hunting Themed Party Favors "gun powder" pixie sticks

Hunting Themed Party Favors "survival rope" bracelets
 His guests enjoyed some fun treats that we tried to keep in "theme", some of my fav's were:
  • Gun Powder- pixie sticks
  • Survival Rope- survival bracelets we made
  • Paint Balls- cheese balls
  • Clay Pigeons- dipped oreos
The rocks that you see a lot of the items pictured in were purchased at Joann's in the floral department, they're really meant to be flower pots, anything else that didn't fit in one of the rocks I covered boxes or other containers in camo wrapping paper also purchased from D&B.

"Hunt" camo letters are by Funky Letter Boutique and can be purchased here. Hope you love our hunting themed party and can use some of these fun tips when creating your own little hunter's party!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

FREE Printable Glitter Deer Head Christmas Art

Hey guys here is an adorable Christmas FREE printable I made for ya'll to say thank you for your support and friendship through the years! Funky Letter Boutique strives to constantly provide new children's decor and art, that you'll be proud to display through out your home. Without you I'd be a very bored artist. This printable was designed to print as an 8x10. :) ~Brit

FREE Christmas Rudolph Printable
Get your  Glitter Deer FREE Printable here!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hand Painted Letters and Decor for the stylish Nursery or Kid's Bedroom, great decorating ideas!

    Hand painted letters really add that personalized touch, no other nursery/ room decor item can really beat. These letters are custom and hand painted to your exact specifications, so if you have a custom made crib bedding set or a harder to match bedding print these items really add a well coordinated touch to the room, that can't be found any where else.

    The process is simple, you can search through Funky Letter Boutiques wide library of painted nursery letters and chose from any of those patterns or you can have a custom, one of a kind set of wall letters made just for you! There is no pattern that can not be done!
Matching Nursery Letters using customer swatches

Hand Painted Nursery Wall Letters

   Why stop there when you can get all of your matching nursery decor items here! We make a wide variety of darling and unique hand painted decorations you can have made to match your theme.  Some of our most popular items are;

Custom Painted Tissue Box Cover

Hand Painted Drawer Knobs

Custom Painted Keepsake Photo Frames

Princess Sofia Kids Step Stool

Custom Painted Astrology Birth Sign
Custom hand painted Spider-man Wall Shapes

Custom Wooden Wall Shapes made to match Pottery Barn Kids Bedding

Hand Painted Kid's Wall Shelf

Painted Kid's Wastebasket with ladybugs and flowers
Personalized Children's Coat Rack

Complete Under Water Sea Creatures Kid's Bathroom Decor Set
Oh the places you'll go custom painted ceiling fan blades

We also take custom requests and bring them to life!

     Whether your style is modern, eclectic, trendy or sophisticated Funky Letter Boutique can meet your children's room decor needs. We've been helping to create outstanding nurseries, unique children's rooms, playrooms, bathroom decor, doctors offices, and classrooms all over the world since 2005. We are always happy to take your ideas and help you to make them a reality, please feel free to contact our full time design consultant and artist at  with any special requests!

How to create an adorable Pink Realtree Camo Girls Hunting Themed Nursery Or Bedroom

My first blog entry about my son's Boy's Hunting Themed Room was a huge success, so I decided the girls need a little help too, because what true country girl doesn't like a little pink camo to wake up to!

So here are some great products to help get you on your way to your pink hunter's paradise!
Pink Realtree Camo Crib Bedding OR Pink Realtree Camo Bedding available from our favorite store the perfect stop for all things country girl!

Pink Realtree Camo Bedroom with Pink Realtree Camo Wall Letters

Pink Realtree Camo Crib Bedding

You might have noticed those adorable Pink Realtree Camo Wall Letters up there! Those are the famous letters created by Funky Letter Boutique! Since their creation years ago there have been quite a few imitations crop up, but none can touch Funky Letter Boutique's quality and application. Most other vendors use a flimsy wrapping paper to cover their letters which scratches and can be ripped off easily. Funky Letter Boutique uses a top notch acrylic material specially made for these letters. Don't waste your time and money else where these letters will knock your socks off! Get your camo wall letters  HERE !
pink camo letters
pink realtree camo wall letters

realtree pink camo lettering

realtree pink signage

pink realtree ap camo name sign

pink realtree camouflage sign

pink realtree hanging letters
Also available at Funky Letter Boutique to decorate your pink realtree girls room are these must have ceiling fan blade replacements. They fit most ceiling fans and really make a huge statement in the room! Pink Realtree Ceiling Fan Blades

Dress up any piece of furniture with these adorable pink realtree camo drawer knobs they are also a universal fit to most pieces of furniture and measure 1 1/2" diameter made of solid wood.

You can use a lot of the tips I used in my previous blog post about my son's hunting themed bedroom in this room as well. Here is a picture of a customers sweet pink girls hunting themed nursery with camo wall lettering. Good luck on your future decorating projects!
camo girls nursery
pink camo nursery