Friday, October 5, 2012

Halloween witch falling from the ceiling! Tutorial

Halloween Witch Legs Falling Through The Ceiling Tutorial

Black Boa
Black Sparkle Felt

Black Tulle
Purple Tulle
Dollar Store Umbrella

Halloween Tights

Poly-Fil stuffing
 A few other things you are going to need: Safety Pins, String, Buttons for witches boots, Thread and needle, Hook for hanging.

My daughter and I are always looking for new fun projects, and a lot of our inspiration comes from pinterest! We found this adorable set of Halloween Witches Legs and had to make some of our own! Now those of you who know me, I love EVERYTHING sparkly! So I jazzed up my version of the witches legs and thought I'd share!

I pictured most of the supplies above that you are going to need and will include a few links where you can buy your stuff online if you prefer. So most importantly you need your black umbrella, I got mine at the dollar store but you could even use one you have already. I also got my sparkly spider there. The Halloween tights I found were at Target for $5. I chose to use children's so my witches legs are shorter, you could use adult tights just remember your legs are going to be much longer. My most fav part was adding the Black Sparkly Boa which I actually found at Joann's and used my 50% off coupon! For her boots I got 4 square pre cut pieces of black glitter felt and 2 square diamond "buckle" buttons. For her skirt I got Black and Purple Tulle (1 yard of each) for her ruffles under the umbrella and so you can hide the spokes. (also got all that at Joann's).

 For her LEGS cut off the toes/foot of the tights and stitch them closed so you have just a straight leg.She doesn't need a foot :0) that's where her boots will come in. Fill them and shape them with the poly-fil. After you have achieved your desired look stitch the top of the tights closed. If you really want to cut corners you could fold the top of the tights over and saftey pin them instead. Set to the side.

 For her BOOTS I used the pattern below just click on the pic and it will enlarge (print in an 8x10 format if possible) . Just trace the pattern onto the back side of your felt with a white pencil or something light in color so you can see it and cut them out. Remember to do two right sides and two left sides! Stitch them together and fill them with poly-fil (leave some space at the top of the boot to put her legs in). Sew on her buckle buttons. Then stuff her tights into the top of her boots and put some stitches in them to secure them to her boots.

 Attach her legs to the umbrella by folding the fabric of the top of the tights over the spoke of the umbrella then safety pin it on both sides. Make sure they are secure. It may take a few safety pins.

For her skirt you just cut 2" strips of your tulle and tie them on the spokes of the umbrella. You can't really mess this part up, just make it as poufy as you want. The main purpose is to hide the spokes of the umbrella.

For the edge of her skirt I just safety pinned the boa along the edges of the umbrella. Hint: this part is much easier if you have someone help hold the umbrella. I left the handle of the umbrella on till the very end so it was helpful during this part.

If you are adding the spider to her skirt, I just tied some fishing line to his head and attached it at the length I wanted it to hang to one of the spokes.

My husband fashioned a hook out of a section of a cut clothes hanger to the top of the umbrella by piercing it through the material carefully and twist tying it basically making a loop with it. We put a hook in the ceiling and hung her up!

Hope you have fun with this project! I'd love to see pictures of your witches legs! Thanks for stopping by and checking us out!

witch boot template click on pic to enlarge