Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Top 10 Favorite Baby Shopping sites

1. Of course My FAV is  where you can find hand painted wall letters and all the matching accessories for your little one's room to match perfectly!

2. I really love  their site is so well put together and I love that they show lots and lots of pictures of their baby bedding up close, I'm one that can't get enough detail!

3. ETSY is one of my new fav's I love this site  you can find the most unique fun items on this site most are handmade so your sure to find something nobody else has!

4. You can't go wrong with  their stuff is always adorable, I paint the majority of my items after Pottery Barn Kids bedding sets!

5. This is a forum but absolutely I must join if you have a little girl super great advice on hair bows, clips etc.!

6. Much like project runway just scaled down for the tots super cute site!

7. This site  is so neat it's a blog that keeps up with all the latest kid trends, my fav section is the featured nurseries you can get some really great decorating ideas here!

8.  this site is a lot like etsy and hasn't quite caught on like them yet but I think they will it is not so money hungry like I would say ebay and etsy are. You get to choose how much you want to pay them for listing items! And again you can find lots of unique crafts it's like going to the crafter's show without leaving home!

9. Has decorating ideas & design inspiration for babies, kids & teens! They have giveaways, fab baby nurseries, kid’s rooms, DIY projects, party ideas, baby showers & much more!

10. Make completely custom bedding for your little one at

I'm always looking for new fun mommy targeted websites and would love to know what your fav's are! Share with us here please!