Friday, April 29, 2011

New enhancements on the website!

We have made some fun new upgrades to the website check them out many of the items now have slide shows of all the different letters I have painted in that certain style so you can now see them painted in different fonts! Pretty Cool, I should have even more posted soon!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Free Giveaway!

FREE GIVEAWAY! I have the name Emma done in pink and brown polka dots theme. If you'd like to win these letters, LIKE funky letter boutique on facebook and leave a comment on this post and next Friday I will choose a winner! Tell your friends anyone can enter!

Most popular bedding sets for Girls in 2011 so far..

 Any of these patterns can be done in any of my decor items (letters, knobs, frames and much more!)  Purchase at If you have a set not pictured chances are I have done it as well you can contact me at for info on ordering.    
1.Daisy Garden  Pottery Barn Kids

Penelope Nursery Toddler Quilt
2. Penelope Birds Pottery Barn Kids

3. Jacana Cocalo
4. Tropical Punch Cocalo
5. Bubble Gum Banana Fish

6. Daniella Cocalo

7. Tahiti  Cocalo Couture
8. Mia Rose Cocalo

Brooke Quilted Bedding
9. Brooke Owl Pottery Barn Kids

Hayley Quilted Bedding
10. Hayley Owls Pottery Barn Kids

11. Ladybug Lullabye Nojo

Dr. Seuss™ Quilted Bedding
12. Dr Seuss Pottery Barn Kids

13. Dr Seuss ABC Trend Lab

14. Maya Trend Lab

15. Raspberry Swirl

16. Sugar Plum Cocalo

17. Petals Lambs & Ivy

18. Mod Dot JoJo

19. Love Bird Banana Fish

20. Katie Pottery Barn Kids

Friday, April 8, 2011

Top trendy baby names right now in 2011

  1. Amaya- "night rain"
  2. Arabella- "beautiful altar" 
  3. Asher- "fortunate, blessed, happy one"
  4. Aurora-  "dawn"
  5. Avery- "ruler of the elves"
  6. Charlotte-  "free man"
  7. Claire-  "light"
  8. Clementine-  "mercy"
  9. Clover- "flower"  
  10. Cora- "maiden"
  11. Emilia- "rival"
  12. Finn- "bright, fair"
  13. Henry- "estate ruler"
  14. Isla- "scottish place name" 
  15. James- "supplanter"
  16. Milo- "mild, peaceful, calm" 
  17. Oliver- "olive tree" 
  18. Piper- "flute player" 
  19. Quinn- "chief leader"
  20. Renate-  "to be born again"
  21. Rosanna- "rose"  
  22. Ruby- "deep red precious stone"
  23. Scarlett- "red" 
  24. Stella- "star"
  25. Violet- "purple flower" 
  26. Waylon- "land beside road"