Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gorgeous Custom Monogram set with damask canvas

Here is one of my latest creations I had to share! I really love the chic monogram style so I created this beautiful piece of art! It can go in a really gorgeous child's room or even an adults room for that matter! You choose your colors! Items pictured are now available on my etsy store! (see side bar or it's thefunkymonkey1)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Black Friday Deals

So I thought I'd shop the black friday ads for ya and show you where you can get some killer prices on great bedding that will match your custom painted letters!

1. Target zebra bedding only $35!!
2. Target down comforter $24.99
3. Target Disney Cars $20
4. Cabelas Advantage Realtree Bedding $49
5. JC Penney's has all bedding 50-60% off!
Zebra Stripe Comforter & More, CLEARANCE
6. JC Penney Ella Quilt $47.99
Ella Quilt & More, CLEARANCE
7. Khols has bed in a bag for $39.99
Jumping Beans Petal Perfect Bedding CoordinatesJumping Beans Owl Bedding CoordinatesJumping Beans All-Star Bedding Coordinates
Little Rookie All Star Sports Fan  Hand Painted Nursery Wall Letters
8. Target Hello Kitty bedding set $20
Sanrio "Collage Kitty" Comforter - Twin.Opens in a new windowHello Kitty Princess Custom Hand Painted Wall Letters
9. Kmart's entire stock of microfiber bedding is only $9.99ea!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Believe it or not Christmas is only 60 days away!

We have what you need to make your home full of the Holiday spirit! My favorite time of the year is Christmas, I love decorating my home to reflect the season and make it a warm and inviting place for our friends and family. The new line of holiday decor is full of spirit and glitter! Check out some of the items here
Christmas Holiday Decor.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Beautiful Custom Monograms for nursery or home decor! Even Weddings!

As seen on Little Crown Interiors

custom bali monogram

fonts for custom monograms
Check out these beautiful monograms we are starting to offer, they are absolutely stunning and add the utmost sophistication to any room they adorn! The tall letter is 25" and is the last name part of the monogram. The other 2 letters are 8" and would be the first and middle names. I can't get enough of these, I'm hooked on the monogram look! I'm going to have to make my daughter some even though I just redid her letters! The letters are also perfect for use as wedding decor. They are the highest quality monogram letters available online at the best possible price! The monograms are available now on my etsy shop( and will be added to the website ( in the next week or so!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dr. Seuss Kids Room Idea #4

Why have a plain old ceiling fan when you can have a Cat in the Hat striped fan instead! This idea is super easy and you can use the fan you already have! All you need to do is detach the fan blades be sure to clean them and remove any dust or lint, paint them white and let them dry. (I use spray paint, be sure to purchase a good quality brand from your hardware store) Next tape off the sections you want to be red with blue painters tape and paint those sections red to get the stripes. Lastly use a small paint brush and paint a thin black line between stripes to make your work more clean and professional looking! That easy after they dry re-install!
Ceiling Fan Pull I painted in Cat stripes!

Finished Cat in the Hat Kid's Room Ceiling Fan!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dr. Seuss Kid's Room Idea #3

Fill your room with the classic faces of Dr. Seuss! It's pretty easy with a little patience and elbow grease!
  1. Decide what image/s you'd like for your room! Prepare a color and black and white copy
  2. .Using the black and white copy, make a transparency of the image. Most office supply stores have transparency sheets available for purchase.You can use a copier or scanner to make the transparency, or have a local office supply store or copy center assist you. 
  3.  Borrow, rent or purchase a projector. You may be able to borrow an overhead projector from your employer or a local school. Most office supply stores also have projectors available for rent.
  4. Turn the projector on and project the design onto the area you plan to paint. 
  5.  Put your transparency image on the projector and adjust the projector until the image is the desired size. Make sure the projector is squarely situated in front of the wall. If it is angled, it will distort the image. 
  6.  Trace the projected image on the wall with a soft pencil. In case you need to move the projector before you are finished, mark the position of the projector with masking tape.  
  7.  Using the color copy of the image, purchase the paint you need for your mural. Use acrylic paints, although interior latex paints are a feasible option for large areas of color. 
  8.  Paint the large areas of your mural first, using a wide, flat paintbrush. Add details and outline images with a round paintbrush.
  9.  After the paint is completely dry, erase all pencil marks.

Trace design on to wall

Finished Product!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Dr. Seuss Kid's Room Idea #2

More Seuss Kids Room Ideas! Here is #2! Decorate those walls! This is a pretty simple DIY if you are artsy and can stand some work, if not you can always look up a local artist, or place an ad for an artist to come paint a mural on your walls for you. You can go simple with red and white stripes. Adding a black outline along the red stripes to resemble Cat in the Hat's stripes makes your design that much more fabulous, don't worry the black line doesn't need to be straight in fact if it's crooked all the better!
Keep an eye out for post #3 I will give you directions on how to do your own wall murals in Seuss characters!
Cat in the Hat Stripes for walls

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Decorating a Dr. Seuss Themed Room Idea #1

 Dr. Seuss brings out the kid in all of us. What better way to bring your child's room to life then to decorate it in a Seussical theme! Here are some ideas to help inspire your Seuss rooms! I will be posting new ideas through out the next few weeks so check back often to see more unique designs!
Idea #1. Garage sales are a great place to find old furniture to bring back to life! This idea is so easy, find a dresser that is still in stable shape to refinish. Paint white, purchase some new knobs, get some vinyl stickers in the one fish two fish red fish blue fish and your done (I found mine at Target)! That easy, and if you'd purchased that at a boutique it would be hundreds!
Old Dresser Ready to be brought back to life!

Finished One Fish Two Fish Dresser

Vinyl Decals for Dresser

Thursday, August 25, 2011

250th set of Dr. Seuss Hand Painted Nursery Letters gets prize!

Dr. Seuss Alphabet Wall Letters

Dr. Seuss all characters painted wooden letters

Dr. Seuss with stripes and charaters wood lettering
I'm coming up on my 250th set of Dr. Seuss Letters!!! AMAZING I just decided to count them all wondering just how many I had done, I knew a lot but didn't realize that many! I'm at 247 right now. SO for my 250th order I will be giving them a matching seuss switch plate. If you are planning to do a seuss order you just might be the lucky one! I will email the winner to let them know!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Solid Painted Wooden Nursery Lettering

Adult bedroom monogram, wall letters are great for any room!
Beautiful painted letters for any room in your house! For a more subdued look in your nursery or child's room go with solid painted letters, with 36 colors to choose from one is bound to match perfectly to your decor! Add the words splish, splash in your bathroom for a super cute look or welcome in your front entry way. Don't know what your going to name your baby, but want letters now? Do sweet dreams, baby girl, all star, princess, buckaroo, explore, lovebug, sunshine just to name a few! Another great idea is the ever popular monogram choose from a variety of fonts to really customize your look!
These letters are the highest quality and most affordable letters available online today! Hurry and order before the holiday rush hits! Take a look at this before and after picture before wall letters are added to the nursery! They bring life to the room that's for sure!

Before adding adorable painted letters
After adding adorable painted letters to the wall
36 colors to choose from for your painted wall letters(white is not shown but available)

Monday, August 15, 2011

The NEW alternative to beadboard! Decorative Wall Panels

The new wall panels have arrived! These are just too awesome! I've had some made for my daughter's pink and brown polka dot room. Here is a pic, we haven't painted or installed them yet but I couldn't resist posting a pic of these adorable new wall panels we have! Nobody can top this idea it's just so fun! They come in all kinds of different patterns and unfinished so you can match the paint you need to a T no mismatched stuff here! Purchase them at

FREE SHIPPING starting today!


Monday, August 1, 2011

New Contest for August 2011!

Funky Letter Boutique Contest 2011
LIKE Funky Letter Boutique on facebook and comment on a pic in our photos you will be entered to win a sign board set (you pick which one you want out of this photo) These are super cute and a great way to decorate your child's nursery or bedroom! Click to get to facebook

Winner for photo contest!

Island Surf Hand Painted Letters

Pottery Barn Kids Island Surf

Funky Letter Boutique Photo Contest Winner
Congrats to Jennifer Murch she is our Summer 2011 photo contest winner! She will receive $63.95 towards . Thanks to everyone who entered pics of their hand painted nursery letters!