Monday, December 16, 2013

15 of the best ideas for DIY Wooden Letter projects with tutorials

  22 of the best ideas for DIY Wooden Letter 

projects with tutorials.

I've put together a list of the best ideas on the internet for decorating DIY unfinished wooden craft letters. Some pictures are self explanatory and do not have a tutorial (pretty much glue what you see onto the letter) :)
 Hope you love them, and get inspired to make something beautiful for your home!
 All Letters pictured and even more fonts are available at

Nickel Covered Wooden Letters Pennies also look really cool!

Map Covered Letters cut out a section of map where you met your husband or had your honeymoon.
Add old jewelry and buttons to wooden letter

Pearl Covered Letters

Favorite Family Photos Covering Wooden Letter Initial

DIY Moss Letter Tutorial

DIY Washi Tape Wooden Letter Tutorial

DIY Yarn Wrapped Letters Tutorial

DIY Button Embellished Wooden Letter Tutorial

DIY Textured (Elmers Glue) Wooden Letter Tutorial

DIY Fabric Flower Wooden Letter Tutorial

DIY Plush Nursery Wooden Letters Tutorial
DIY Plush Wooden Letter

DIY Comic Book Wooden Letter Tutorial
Comic Book Wooden Letters

DIY Glittered Letters
DIY Glitter Letters

DIY Vintage Marquee Light Up Letter Tutorial

DIY Sequin Sparkle Wooden Letters

DIY Corkboard Letter Tutorial

DIY Metallic Embellished Wooden Letter Tutorial

DIY Distressed Antiqued Wooden Letter Tutorial

DIY Zinc Wooden Letter Tutorial

DIY Zinc Wooden Letters
Add Scrapbook Paper to wooden letters

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Decorating a chic stylish nursery butterflies and flower fleur style.

Painted Wooden Letters Kidsline Fleur Crib Bedding

Kidsline Le Fleur crib bedding quilt

Kidsline Le Fleur Crib Bedding Set

Girls Hand Painted Kidsline Fleur Nursery Letters

Custom Painted Astrology Sign Sagittarius matching Kidsline Fleur Bedding

Custom Painted Keepsakes made to match any theme or bedding set can be purchased at

The Jayden set included beautiful custom painted Le Fleur wooden letters, custom cut matching butterflies for the wall art, and custom cut wooden shape hydrangea flowers. Astrology sign was painted to match the Kidsline Le Fleur collection as well. Any sign can be made to match any theme. Email questions to Want this bedding set too? My suggestion for the best priced crib bedding is Baby Super Mall

Happy Decorating from everyone at Funky Letter Boutique!

Kidsline Le Fleur Hydrangea Flower Nursery Shapes

Kidsline Le Fleur Nursery Decor Butterflies

butterfly nursery decor made to match kidsline le fleur