Thursday, September 22, 2011

Beautiful Custom Monograms for nursery or home decor! Even Weddings!

As seen on Little Crown Interiors

custom bali monogram

fonts for custom monograms
Check out these beautiful monograms we are starting to offer, they are absolutely stunning and add the utmost sophistication to any room they adorn! The tall letter is 25" and is the last name part of the monogram. The other 2 letters are 8" and would be the first and middle names. I can't get enough of these, I'm hooked on the monogram look! I'm going to have to make my daughter some even though I just redid her letters! The letters are also perfect for use as wedding decor. They are the highest quality monogram letters available online at the best possible price! The monograms are available now on my etsy shop( and will be added to the website ( in the next week or so!