Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Alphabet Wall Letter Giveaway

Enter to win our alphabet wall letter contest!
Enter to win the alphabet wall letter giveaway a $244 value!!
2 Lucky winners will be chosen to win March 15, 2013 all other applicants will receive an awesome surprise as well!

These letters will come bare wood and will need to be decorated to your tastes OR you can pay $35 after you win to have them painted a solid color/s

I am looking for contestants who will be able to provide professional quality photos of the letters on display in the room of your choice. Please only enter if you fully understand the requirements of this contest. I am trying to gain exposure for the alphabet wall letters and need some great rooms to show off these lovely letters.

A $50 deposit will be required after winning, and will be refunded in full after photos have been supplied.

This is an amazing opportunity to receive boutique quality merchandise for your child's room, and I must stress only serious contestants should enter. Please supply a brief description of your plans for the letters (you want to be persuasive here I'm looking for people who are really into this)

There is also a field where you can supply photo/s of the area you would like to display these letters. The more info you give the better chances you have of winning, sell me! Good Luck!

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