Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Photo Collage Wall Idea, Adding Family Pets!

Photo Collage Wall  Dog Paw Prints (instead of kids hand prints!)

 I've been working on a family photo collage wall for months now, scouring pinterest and the internet for some neat, out of the ordinary ideas. One such day I stumbled on a pin that showed the family dogs paw prints in frames and I was in love! Our dogs are just like kids to us and definitely part of our family. I loved that they would be a part of our family picture wall.  I will give some tips here so you can make your very own pet paw print art to add to your photo collage wall!

1. Decide on a paint color for your paw prints (I used Americana acrylic paint in raw umber) Get a paint brush while you're at it! Preferably one that is about the size of the paw you will be painting.

2. Get a few sheets of white poster board (I got mine at the dollar store for get this... .69ea what a deal) ;) We have 3 dogs so I bought 5 sheets just in case a few didn't work out.

3. Make sure you have a second or even a third person to help you with this project! I started out trying to do this by myself and it was a major no go! I had way more paint on me then the dogs for sure.

4. Frames! I hand painted my frames and sell them at www.funkyletterboutique.com
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I can even add your pups names if you'd like!

5. A great big, huge space that can get messy. (I did mine outside on the back patio)

The process isn't to hard once you get the hang of it. I laid out my poster board on the patio and had one person hold our dog still while I painted her paw's (she's a tiny chihuahua).

 Hint: I added a tiny bit of water to my acrylic paint so it wasn't so thick, it makes for a much better print and easier application.

Then I set her down and let her trample all over the poster board. We had one person waiting to snatch her up and take her in to wash her paws and she was done!

Now, for our bigger german wire hair my husband had to get involved. She's still a puppy but weighs at least 50lbs! He held her while I painted her paws (I only got her front two) then my husband set her paws right on the poster board, much like you would do for a toddler.

When everything was cleaned up I just took the poster boards (which I labeled with their names beforehand) and cut the best ones out to fit my photo frame space. A lot of people think I actually had the frame all painted up and just took a puppy and stamped this perfect little print in a 3"x3" area LOL not quite! Good luck with your project and feel free to contact me with any questions.
Polka Dot Hand Painted Frame For Photo Collage Wall with Dogs Paw Prints
Lattice Hand Painted Robin's Egg Blue and Grey Frame with  Puppy Paw Print Art
Chevron Hand Painted Frame with dog paw print
Family Photo Collage Wall Frame Ideas